About us

 Working from home :) 

Saneymi took shape out of love for the handcrafting techniques by Snigdha, who is a textile designer and does her work from her home in Surrey, U.K. Trained in Jaipur, she has worked as inhouse textile designer at many well established print houses. Her experience of working with natural dyes and hand block printing got her to work with award winning printers and dyers across India during her stint as consultant textile designer for the ministry of textiles.
After her marriage she moved to the U.K. where she strives to revive or keep the traditional practices of textile creations going strong by combining contemporary colours and ancient handcrafting techniques. In her collections, the hand painted, the hand embroidered, the handprinted and the handwoven take centre stage. She uses tie dye, hand block printing, mud resist printing, embroideries, screen printing, beading and natural dyes in her design work for textiles.
Some of these are repurposed fabric materials, making the creations sustainable! 
In the silver Jewellery also the focus is on handwork be it enamel work, hammered silver, brushed silver, filigree etc. The stones used are all semiprecious. 
Born and brought up in Jaipur, traditional textiles and handcrafted jewellery is a part of day to day life and Snigdha takes immense pride in bringing this to her life in the UK!