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Ikat Kaftan

Ikat Kaftan

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These Kaftans are made using hand block printing with mud resist paste and dyed in naturally indigo.
The fabric is first treated with a mordant to make it absorb the natural dye.
Design is printed using wooden stamping blocks with freshly prepared mud resist paste.

Upon drying it is dip dyed in natural indigo. The deeper shade is achieved by repeating the procedure incorporating the other elements in the design.

This is called Dabu printing.

These are dyed using vegetable dyes with the goal of minimizing our impact on the environment.

The fabric is gently washed several times after dyeing to remove the excess natural dye. The colour can rub off in first wear so please take care.

Do not wear it with light-coloured clothes till after first couple of washes, or you may prewash it.

Hand wash only. Squeeze the excess water, do not wring. Hang them out to dry in shade. Do not tumble dry. Please do not use any kind of bleach or stain remover.

These are in a free size, approximately 120cm long with slits on either sides making them easy to walk in.
Drawstrings under the bust line make the gathers to give it shape or you can wear it as a free floating long dress 

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