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Indigo and Aquamarine Georgette Scarf

Indigo and Aquamarine Georgette Scarf

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This scarf has been created by using 2 types of resist dyeing.

The base design on this scarf is called Leheriya , a traditional style of tie dye from Rajasthan, India for creating brightly coloured complex wave like patterns on the fabric. The scarf is rolled diagonally from one corner to the opposite, then tied with threads at the required intervals and dyed. Wavy pattern result from the rolling and tying prior to the dyeing process. 

After this we have block printed it with mud resist and dyed it in natural indigo resulting in this deep rich blue!

 Georgette used for this scarf is a type of crepe fabric which is sheer and lightweight. The narrow edges are finished with contrasting tassels.

It can be used as a wrap, sarong or scarf.

Machine wash at 30 degrees. Typical of a crepe fabric, upon washing it will crinkle and you may iron it back to a smooth texture. 

100cm x 200cm

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