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Madder Green Striped Skinny Scarf

Madder Green Striped Skinny Scarf

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This light weight cotton scarf is made using natural rust, black and natural Indigo and yellow dyes.
Design is printed by hand with separate wooden blocks for each colour element of the design. White and the part of design in other colours is achieved by using mud paste as a resist agent to stop the indigo getting there. This mud paste is transferred onto the fabric using wooden blocks. This is called Dabu printing. Sawdust is sprinkled to dry the mud.
Once dry the printed fabric is then dipped into indigo vats for dyeing. To get the green colour it is further dyed with Turmeric rind of Pomegranate fruit.
This fabric is then thoroughly washed to get rid of the mud print revealing the white bits of the design and removing the excess dye.
The edges along the width are finished with tiny wooden beads .

The colour can rub off when you first wear it so please take care and don’t wear it with light coloured clothes till after first couple of washes or you may prewash it.

Hand wash only. Hang them out to dry in shade. Do not tumble dry.
Please do not use any kind of bleach or stain remover at anytime

190cm x 50cm

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