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Throw 6

Throw 6

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Look at these gorgeous throws! Attempting to reduce wastage by increasing the reuse of fabric material, giving them a new lease of life. These one of a kind pieces are made using many layers of fabrics held together by hand embroidery called Kantha stitch. This traditional running stitch is done with multi coloured threads. Kantha work has been in use for a very long time for making quilts using old saris. Layers of old saris and other fabrics are held together with small running stitch transforming them into beautiful unique creations. The simple stitches done with colourful threads were used to make pictures of every day life, floral and fauna designs and geometric patterns by women across generations. These can be throws, scarves, tablecloths or can be used to stitch other shapes such as jackets, cushions, bags etc.  

This project also gives me the opportunity to collaborate with a group of skilled women embroiders in rural West Bengal. 

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